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Our Methodology

Discover and Consult

The Push Group respects your brand and your brand's message. It is important that we understand the many facets of your brand. Intricacies such as your target audience, the current perception of your brand, and your business goals will be discussed during our initial consultation.

The understanding of these items, among others, will help us approach your project on a consultative level rather than becoming simply an order-taker. Our insight and experience with both local and global brands will help direct the success of your project.


Creative Design — Our graphic designers know what it takes to translate your brand's message into something visual whether online or in print. Through the thoughtful use of color, imagery, typefaces, and layout your designs will leave an indelible impression on your target audience.

Information Architecture and Usability — A website is not a website unless your users can find the information they are looking for. All of our products utilize information architecture and navigation techniques designed specifically to get your user to where they need to go... and that translates into more qualified leads or direct sales.

Interactive Development — Bottom line, under the hood our code is clean. Following the latest CSS, XHTML, and Section 508 standards your website will be displayed properly in your client's browser and will be scalable to meet your future needs. Our interactive developers know how to uphold development standards while staying true to the visual design.

Launch and Release

All of our products are put through a rigorous quality control process. We incorporate both client and industry feedback prior to each release to ensure that the original expectations are met and your business goals will be achieved.

ROI Measurement

ROI / Measurement — Our work not only has to look good but it has to deliver results. We'll work with you to define benchmarks throughout the life of the deliverable and establish accomplishment criteria. You will see results. Smiley faces optional.