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Our Practices

Visual Design

Our graphic designers are formally trained professionals who have a keen ability to translate the thoughts and concepts behind a brand into something visually stunning. All of our pieces have strong design concepts, uphold brand integrity, and successfully reach the target audience.

Information Architecture and Usability

Our information architects and usability experts are formally trained professionals whose focus is entirely on the user experience. We translate ideas and concepts into effective and efficient functioning web systems by following three main concepts: Accessibility, Find-ability, and Usability. Using our methodology coupled with web accessibility standards and Section 508 compliance, we deliver powerful web experiences.

Interactive Development

Our interactive developers translate visual composites into launch-ready prototypes utilizing static markup, Flash, or a combination of the two. We hand-code our websites with semantic markup utilizing XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, adhering to W3C standards. We also optimize and test our web pages for cross-browser compatibility and consistency, to ensure that the end-user has an optimal experience no matter what browser or platform they use.

Interactive Marketing

The launch of any online Brand VehicleTM can be accented by a strategic interactive marketing plan comprised of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Analytic software is used to measure the success of an implemented plan with the goal of optimizing the plan to maximize the ROI.